Huwebes, Hunyo 9, 2016

Emergency Plumbing Services Are Very Costly

I am the mother of two sets of twins, so you can imagine all of the trouble that they get into. I had a can of oil sitting next to the sink the other day and one of them poured it down the drain. The next thing I knew, the sink was all clogged and water was taking forever to leave the basin. Since it was the weekend, I really did not want to call a plumber Austin TX, but there was no way I was going to sit around and allow myself to avoid getting the plumbing services I needed.

I called around to a few different plumbers and they all gave me these astronomical prices. It seems like they all decided to charge an arm and a leg because it was the weekend. I silently cried, but I paid all of the money they wanted. I wish there were plumbers out there that charged the same price each and every day, I understand that taking care of emergencies takes them away from their families, but charging many times more than normal seems a bit outrageous and it has left a very sour taste in my mouth.

Biyernes, Hunyo 3, 2016

The Importance of Prompt Plumbing Repair

If you are concerned about the health of your Austin plumbers system, then you need to think carefully about plumbing repair. Things like leaks and burst pipes can be incredibly serious problems if they are not looked after promptly. 

There are a lot of plumbing jobs that you can take on yourself and that are relatively simple to tackle - for example, you do not need a lot of training or expertise to fix dripping taps  or minor drain clogs. You can even plumb in a washing machine quite easily. However, for other tasks such as a burst pipe, you may want to call in the experts.

Do not allow a burst pipe to go un-tended, or try to just patch it up and ignore the issue - if one part of a pipe has burst, it could be that the pipe is weak and that you will have more issues later. A persistent leak or drip could cause ongoing damp issues that will be a serious threat to the health of your family, and could damage your home too. Tend to plumbing problems as soon as you notice them so that they don't do a lot of harm.